4 Keys to Fundraising Fundraising for local forestry boards can be categorized into four keys. Such a framework may sound simple, but it can be challenging to implement. Your board may wonder why some people are successful at fundraising and others not. Is it them or you? Has your board created unnecessary barriers to the fundraising effort? Gary Allen, President of the Maryland Forestry Foundation, has organized fundraising efforts into four keys. Basic descriptions of the keys follow.

4 Keys to Fundraising

The source for this page's content contains a breakdown of the four critical keys to successful fundraising and more detailed information. It is available at http://www.marylandforestryboards.org/downloads/Four_keys_to_fundraising.pdf.

The Four Keys Simplified

Key #1

Begin with an Idea

What do you want to accomplish? Why is this significant to your community, to you and your board? Refine your idea into a clear, concise statement.

Key #2

Find the Right Person

This is the most frequently overlooked and perhaps the most important key to local fundraising.

Key #3

Predispose Prospects in Your Favor

Predisposition and the process of galvanizing someone to support you are crucial to the fundraising process.

Key #4

Just Ask!

Once you have connected with and predisposed the right person toward your efforts, all you have to do is ask.